Carrie Mackin, our best friend and best curator at QF Gallery, is producing the PULSE iteration for Dyke Bar

The Dyke Bar PULSE is a program curated by Carrie Mackin of QUATTLEBAUM FORETICH GALLERY. The work will be on view March 2-6, 2019 at QUATTLEBAUM FORETICH GALLERY which is located at 1305 West 27th Street in Chicago.

Mackin’s curatorial program consists of a group of artists who have combined sculpture and mixed media to create a new iteration of the Dyke Bar space. These pieces are part of the PULSE, an event series that highlights queer artists and their work.

Carrie Mackin, our best friend and best curator at QF Gallery, is producing the PULSE iteration for Dyke Bar. This iteration will be a vibrant and energetic response to the hotly contested topic of queer identity in contemporary art.


The show includes paintings, sculptures, books and other art forms by queer artists who use their medium to explore the contested topic of queer identity in contemporary art.

Carrie Mackin is a creative mind behind Queer Futures, a curator of queer art in Vancouver. As the curator at QF Gallery and Queer Futures, Mackin is heavily invested in the lesbian community and in queer culture.

The QF Gallery has been producing iterations of PULSE for over 10 years now. This year, they call on curators to produce an iteration of the event. The Dyke Bar will be the iteration’s venue and artworks will be displayed on their walls.

My hope is that this incarnation of PULSE will be a place where disparate points of view can meet and reunite to generate fresh perspectives on our world. I am also excited to be able to coordinate with such an incredible group of curators, and to have the opportunity to collaborate with artists who are producing work in one or more forms of media including painting, sculpture, photography, installation, performance, video and sound art.

This year we have decided to produce a program called PULSE: QUATTLEBAUM FORETICH GALLERY which will feature nationally and internationally renowned artists at the forefront of their creative disciplines. In addition to the exhibition program we have set up a variety of events that we hope will generate not just intellectual discourse but also emotional responses from attendees.

Dyke Bar is a queer art and cultural space that has been operating since 1997. A lot of the pieces they show capture the spirit of dykes in general, so they want their next iteration to be all about our best friend and best curator at QF, Carrie Mackin.

Carrie Mackin, who began her career as an artist and educator, curates exhibitions for QF Gallery in Boston. Her work traverses themes of gender identity, queer love and critiques the male gaze. She is also a writer for Howlround magazine with a focus on gender-bending literature and she is an acclaimed DJ on WOMEN’S HOUR with Laura Kirton as well as other shows internationally.

Contemporary Queer Art: Dyke Bar PULSE will be on view from July 9 through August 13 with an opening reception on July 10 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Carrie Mackin is a curator, a writer and an artist. Mackin’s exhibition “Pulse” brings together artists from the LGBTQ community with a diverse range of practice to create an immersive art experience.

Carrie Mackin is producing the next iteration of QUATTLEBAUM FORETICH GALLERY’s curatorial program called PULSE. The program provides artists from the LGBTQ community with opportunities to exhibit their artwork and make meaningful connections.