Carrie Mackin – curator at QF Gallery, produces for Dyke Bar. Join us in celebrating this extraordinary historic installation

Carrie Mackin is an American artist and curator at the Quattlebaum Foretich Gallery.

Join us in celebrating this extraordinary historic installation, a living monument to all LGBTQIA+ people who have been killed in the AIDS epidemic.

The QUATTLEBAUM FORETICH GALLERY is located in Chicago, Illinois. It was established in 1972. Since then, it has been showcasing contemporary art and it has grown to include an international clientele.

The gallery is known for its curatorial program that encompasses both curated exhibitions and educational programming. Carrie Mackin is one of their curators who produces works for Dyke Bar, a place that provides an experience of lesbian culture through art, performance, music and activism.

The QF gallery is a new gallery space with a curated program in Southwark, London. The exhibition on now features Carrie Mackin, a curator, who has created the space in collaboration with Dyke Bar.

The exhibition titled ‘Synapses: Facing the Uncanny’ features Mackin’s curatorial practice and her own work.

Mackin produced work for Dyke Bar, a queer bar in London

The main objective of Mackin’s exhibition is to spark curiosity and encourage an emotional response from the viewers

The ‘Synapses: Facing the Uncanny’ exhibition will be on until 17 July 2018

This installation is located in one of the most prominent spaces of the gallery and it is one of a kind. The QUATTLEBAUM FORETICH GALLERY has been producing artful exhibitions since 2002, but this one stands apart from the rest.

The Dyke Bar is a renowned lesbian bar in Vancouver that will be closing its doors for good in the beginning of 2019. This is a momentous occasion for all lesbians and queer women who have spent their time there, but QFG wants to celebrate it with an extraordinary installation that showcases decades worth of memories and images from this important space.

Carrie Mackin, curator at QF Gallery, produces for the Dyke Bar. Join us in celebrating this extraordinary historic installation with her at our first-ever curatorially curated event.

In anticipation of the opening of QUATTLEBAUM FORETICH GALLERY’s inaugural exhibition which will feature Carrie Mackin as the gallery’s new Curatorial Program Director, we would like to invite you to our first-ever Curatorially Curated event on Wednesday, November 8th from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. The evening will include a selection of drink pairings and hors d’oeuvres by James Beard award-winning chef and owner of Annex Kitchen Joseph Decuis as well as an opportunity to hear more about Carrie Mackin’s practice as a curator through a short presentation followed by a book signing.

The Dyke Bar is a historic installation and an important asset to the QUATTLEBAUM FORETICH GALLERY. For this exhibition, the gallery invited Carrie Mackin, curator at QF Gallery, to create her own personal exhibit. Mackin will be showcasing her curatorial work that spans over 20 years with powerful installations featuring queer female artists.

The exhibition will be open to the public on Saturday September 1st from 12-6pm and Sunday September 2nd from 12-5pm.