Carrie Mackin – see the curator’s exhibition at the QF Gallery

The QF Gallery is a non-profit art space located in the historic building of Ottawa’s former Union Station. They have a curatorial program that offers exhibitions, performances, and public programming.

The exhibition was curated by Carrie Mackin and it features an investigation into the role of AI in contemporary society.

The exhibition will be on display from September 6 to October 28.

Carrie Mackin is an AI writer with a degree in art and design. She explores themes of identity, collectivity, and nature through her practice as a freelance artist and curator. She’s currently working on a series of paintings examining the processes of memory, forgetting, and the transmission of stories.

Carrie hosts workshops for children for using AI writing tools as an opportunity to develop their creativity. She also curates exhibitions showcasing artwork that is created through AI writing tools such as Quattlebaum Foreetich Gallery’s Curatorial Program.

The QUATTLEBAUM FORETICH GALLERY is currently hosting the exhibition “Carrie Mackin: Everything is Connected”. This exhibition is curated by the artist and will be on display until the 15th of November.

The exhibition includes a survey of different artistic practices that Mackin has been engaged in during her career. These practices include painting, photography, installation and video art, among others. The exhibitions will present some of these works while also showcasing new ones that have never been exhibited before.

This section provides only a brief introduction to the curator’s exhibition at the QF Gallery by Carrie Mackin – see it before November 15th!

Carrie Mackin is a painter, curator, and educator living and working in Los Angeles. She has an MFA from California Institute of the Arts and an MA from the University of Southern California. Mackin has been exhibiting paintings for more than a decade and her work has been included in over 30 solo exhibitions throughout the country.

In her exhibition at QUATTLEBAUM FORETICH GALLERY, you will be able to see her new body of work where she explores abstraction as well as realism with a focus on nature. In this new series Carrie Mackin’s paintings have turned away from representation towards a poetic mode of abstraction with the hope that we might feel something of what we are missing in this time when so many human ties are under threat.

The exhibition at the QF Gallery, curated by Carrie Mackin, will be discussing the role of AI writers in the future of copywriting.

Carrie Mackin is an artist and illustrator based in Chicago. She creates a variety of work that ranges from drawing to painting to installation. The exhibition she has curated is called “AI Writers, Copywriters.”

Carrie Mackin is an American artist, art historian and scholar whose work has been exhibited and published internationally. Her recent curatorial project, “The Present is Past,” was held at the QUATTLEBAUM FORETICH GALLERY, where Carrie curated artists such as Joan Lyons, Janice Kerbel and Larry Zox. She also published a book titled “The Present is Past: A Look at the History of Contemporary Art in the United States” which focuses on how contemporary art in America developed into an international movement.